Skipping Dreams Meaning

By | December 24, 2016

Skipping Dreams MeaningSkipping

Skipping، To dream of happily skipping as you walk represents awareness of one’s self enjoying having nothing to worry about at all. Thinking that some area of your life will be always be perfectly carefree.

To dream that you are skipping though time represents your awareness of certain events no longer mattering as much. Thinking some area of your life was important or serious and then realizing that it wasn’t.

To dream of skipping a meal represents feelings that some part of your plans or projects are unnecessary. Skipping breakfast may reflect a wish to avoid the beginning of an experience or situation. Skipping lunch represents a wish to avoid the middle of an experience of situation. Skipping dinner may reflect a wish to avoid experiencing the ending to a situation.

To dream that a record or song skips represents experiences that make you feel a certain way that aren’t lasting as long as you’d like. Interruptions to your good time. Intentionally skipping music may reflect a wish to avoid or pass over uncomfortable emotional situations.

To dream of skipping scenes in a movie represents your attempt to avoid or pass over undesirable parts of an experience you are having. It may also reflect impatience or wish to avoid wasting time.

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