Jewels dreams meaning

Jewels To dream of a jewels (diamonds, emeralds, etc.) represents something about yourself or your life that you admire or cherish. Something you feel can never fail or lose power. Incorruptibility or permanence. Jewels may also reflect the strength of your will power or integrity. Qualities about yourself that can always be counted on or… Read More »

Jewish People dreams meaning

Jewish People To dream of Jewish people represents you or someone else that is behaving a manner that is perfectly honest. Sensitive feelings about doing anything wrong or dishonest at all. Wanting perfectly “positive” experiences only. You or someone else that rejects anything that isn’t perfectly proper, clean, or healthy. Perfect compliance with policies. Positively,… Read More »

Jiu-Jitsu dreams meaning

Jiu-Jitsu To dream of jiu-jitsu represents feelings about professional skills to pacify enemies or problems by holding them in place until they give up.  

Joan Of Arc dreams meaning

Joan Of Arc To dream of Joan Of Arc represents feelings about carrying or leading others to success when it seems incredibly impossible. Leadership that feels totally selfless. Negatively, may reflect feelings of being obligated to help people when it may be more appropriate to help them help themselves. Example: A woman dreamed of pointing… Read More »

Job Interview dreams meaning

Job Interview To dream of a job interview represents your attempt to take on new responsibilities or obligation. Proving your competence, qualifications, or that you are deserving of an opportunity. Showing someone else that you are smart enough or safe enough to be trusted. Alternatively, a job interview may reflect your mindset as you prepare… Read More »

Jockstrap dreams meaning

Jockstrap To dream of a jockstrap represents a wish to protect your sense of power, manhood, or ability to assert yourself. Defending yourself against impotence in a relationship.  

Jogging dreams meaning

Jogging To dream of going for a jog represents a situation in waking life where you are trying to do something that is in your best interest as quickly as possible. Getting something important done or quickly tying up loose ends. It may also reflect running errands you’re behind on or catching up on something.… Read More »

John F. Kennedy dreams meaning

John F. Kennedy To dream of President John F. Kennedy (JFK) may reflect dangerous idealistic beliefs. Possibly a naive view of achieving power or control never causing others to plot against you. Power or control that is too perfect for others to accept. Experiencing arrogant jealousy or control that erases your achievement as soon as… Read More »

Joker dreams meaning

Joker To dream of the Joker playing card represents feelings about lucky options in a strategic attempt to outsmart someone. Strategic options to laugh at you opponent or competition. Strategic options that can’t be controlled or laugh at appearances. A strategic option that is accepted as never being serious. Strategic options that can cheat if… Read More »

Joseph Stalin dreams meaning

Joseph Stalin To dream of Joseph Stalin represents you or someone else that freely oppresses others as though it doesn’t matter at all. Wanting other people being completely subordinate at all times like it’s normal. Controlling behavior that scares others that they can never do anything they want ever again. Stalin may also reflect a… Read More »