Porcupine dreams meaning

Porcupine To dream of a porcupine represents respect that’s needed. Possible consequences for not caring about someone or noticing someone’s positivity. You or someone else that may have given a warning to “not go there.”  

Pork dreams meaning

Pork To dream of pork represents situations where something is only for you. Having something all to yourself. knowing that you don’t have to share. Behavior that is focused completely on personal benefit. Noticing yourself doing whatever you want all the time. Negatively, pork may reflect too much indulgence on yourself or overspending.  

Porn Star dreams meaning

Porn Star To dream of  that you know represents feeling good wanting something that never materializes. Ask yourself what feelings or memories stand out most about that porn star for further symbolism. An ugly  would possibly represent your feelings of how unpleasant it feels to wait or doing nothing while being told to feel good… Read More »

Pornography dreams meaning

Pornography To dream of a pornography video represents a life experience where you are feeling good doing nothing. Desiring, fantasizing, or dreaming about having something you want. Goals, wishes, or aspirations that feel good, but may be out of reach. Pornography may also reflect delusions or unrealistic fantasies. Pornography may appear in the dreams of… Read More »

Porsche dreams meaning

Porsche To dream of a porsche sports car represents decision-making or control of a situation with an attitude that is adorable about why it gets away with doing whatever it wants despite other people. Noticing you are not guilty of a crime so you get away with doing whatever you want. Feeling faster than other… Read More »

Portal dreams meaning

Portal To dream of a magic  represents feelings about how quickly your life can become different. Decisions or opportunities that make dramatic change impossibly easy. Feelings about having the ability to power to completely change your life for short periods of time. A complete lack of jealousy about why you never have to waste any… Read More »

Portrait dreams meaning

Portrait To dream of a portrait of yourself represents how you feel you will be remembered. Consider how happy you look in the portrait or other details in the image. A portrait of yourself may also reflect positive feelings about being remembered the way you want to be.  

Portugal dreams meaning

Portugal To dream of Portugal represents a mindset that feels like life or relationships are centered around doing nothing unattractive or losing. Feeling good knowing everyone wants you to be a winner. Negatively,  may reflect feelings about yourself being unimportant if you aren’t noticed as a perfect winner. It may also reflect feelings about social… Read More »

Portuguese People dreams meaning

Portuguese People To dream of a Portuguese person represents an aspect of your personality that is confident about deserving to respect itself. Behavior that feels that nothing is special if it isn’t deserving to be confident. Feeling believing in itself the way it is. Behavior that is confident about why it doesn’t have to believe… Read More »

Possessed dreams meaning

Possessed To dream that you are possessed represents powerful feelings of being unable to control your urges or emotions. Feeling overcome by emotion or out of control of your common sense. Feeling that you temporarily “lost it” to anger, jealousy, or other negative emotions. Feeling yourself experiencing “madness” or uncontrollable influences. To dream of seeing… Read More »

Possums dreams meaning

Possums To dream of a possum represents a person or situation in your life where someone is fully aware of what they are doing is wrong and not caring about it. Disgusting dishonesty or arrogance. Behavior that is terrible and comfortable with it. A possum may reflect people who are so terrible that know you… Read More »

Post Office dreams meaning

Post Office To dream of a post office represents a situation in your life where you are constantly trying to give people information you believe is important for them to have.